Countdown to Baby: 35 Weeks

35 Weeks

So, if you’ve read my “About” page then you’re aware that from time-to-time I’ll be posting updates about myself and my family. Well today is reserved for a post such as that!

You’ll also already know that I’m prego if you read that good ‘ol “About” page as well 😉 As you can see by my above pic, I’m 35 weeks along! Our precious baby girl is due in just 5 weeks!

30 Weeks

 (^Me @ 30 Weeks^)

This pregnancy has been such a blessing! Having the opportunity to be a mom is a blessing in itself, but everything has just gone so smoothly. I could not have asked for more! (expect no “cankles”… that would’ve been nice)

Anywho, if you followed my previous blog on Google then you’ve seen all the previous #babybump pictures and updates. Aside from seeing how my belly grew over the weeks, and reading posts on all the new, exciting things I experienced, you haven’t missed anything. If you’d like me to re-post any of those things on my new blog here, I’d be more than happy to! Just let me know 🙂

There will be so much to talk about once Emma arrives! I’ll share her birth story with you once things calm down. And you can be sure I’ll post updates on how my girl is growing and changing. My husband and I are just so thrilled to be parents!

Countdown to Baby: 5 more weeks/35 more days!


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