Countdown to Baby: 37 Weeks

Thanksgiving 2014

Soooo, I promise I didn’t fall off the edge of the earth! This post is proof 😉 Thanksgiving was just REALLY busy for us! I’m planning a couple posts for you guys this next week, this baby update being one of them. So, stay tuned!

This Thanksgiving we got to visit with a lot of family members, some of which we only see a couple times a year, so that was really nice. There was TONS of delish food involved (of course), and we spent a few hours Black Friday shopping. But, I overdid it this year! Black Friday shopping whilst being prego = big negative! I had fun, but I felt it the next day. Oh well, at least I didn’t miss it this year! This belly can’t keep me down! haha

Thanksgiving 2014_2

But anyway, moving on to more important matters: I am now 37 weeks pregnant! Baby Emma is due in just 3 short weeks (if she doesn’t surprise us and come sooner)!!! This is just crazy to me; am I ready to be a mom?! This is certainly a question that’s been running through my mind lately (should’ve thought of that answer a little sooner, huh?). I’m both scared and excited for her arrival. Our lives will literally never be the same… #cuedramaticmusic but ABSOLUTELY in a good way! What a precious gift we will soon be blessed with!

I had an ultrasound last Monday so they could measure her current size. She’s a heifer I tell ya! LOL just a little extra to love, like her momma 😀 She measured a healthy 6 lbs., 7 oz. and with 4 weeks to go at that time, the nurse said she could be 8 lbs. or more by the time she’s born. I’m praying her weight is a sign she will either come early or they will take her early. We would love to be home on Christmas rather than in the hospital. At the end of the day, though, it’s whatever is healthiest for her! (But seriously, we just want a couple days here #comeonbaby)


I had a check-up appointment yesterday and everything is still going smoothly. My belly is measuring fine, her heartbeat is strong, but no dilation yet. I had hopes, but the doctor said it was honestly too early to expect it. Oh well, maybe next week 😉

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! If you got to share it with those you love, you are truly blessed. Like I said, stay tuned for more recipes in the coming days! Enjoy your Wednesday friends.

Countdown to Baby: 3 more weeks/21 more days!


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