Christmas Bow Wreath

You might be surprised, and possibly a little upset with me, by finding “Christmas” in name of this post…

I know, I know, “fall hasn’t even officially started yet!” I totally get it, and agree with those of you who think it’s skipped over every year these days! We don’t fully get the “fall experience” when perusing stores and shopping malls because there are probably two weeks of September devoted to it and then that’s it, it’s over. Just like that. (possibly exaggerating a little, lol)

Anyway, fall is my favorite season, so I totally think it’s not getting its due recognition! However, Christmas is a wonderful holiday, and I love decorating for it! So, in case you get into the holiday spirit a little early this year, here is a fun craft for you to try.

I originally posted this on my first blog back in 2013, so I thought it would be nice to have it here for you guys to enjoy! I left the original post content so I wouldn’t accidentally leave out any details of how to make the wreath.

Hope you guys enjoy!

I really wanted to do a Christmas wreath this year, and was inspired to do it with lots of colorful ribbons. There was so much ribbon on sale at Michael’s after Black Friday that I didn’t know what to choose, so I stocked up! I have PLENTY for next year – I plan to make and sell these wreaths next Christmas 🙂 (I had a baby; totally didn’t happen lol)

If you’re not familiar with how to make ribbon bows, here is the YouTube video I used to help me learn: I know some people have bow makers they use, but honestly, making them yourself makes you feel so accomplished! But choose to do it however you like, I won’t know 😉

(Sorry for the blurriness. Could not get the camera to adjust! This pretty green one and polka-dotted one were two of my favorites!)


To start, you need a metal wreath as a base. Mine was less than $4 at Michael’s. The reason I recommend this is because its cheaper than other wreath bases, and you want something you can wrap the ribbon round with pipe cleaners.

Which leads me to the second thing you need – pipe cleaners, or ribbon wire. This will secure your bows and also be what you attach the bow to the wreath with.

Third, and most importantly, you need ribbon – LOTS and LOTS! I recommend using wired ribbon, as this is SO much easier to work with (It also will keep its shape after being stored until the next time you need it). I tried a satin and a velvet kind of ribbon, but neither worked as well.

If you look near the middle sides of the wreath you will see I added a special touch of red, green, and silver thin ribbon pieces that hang from each side. I tied them in a simple bow shape, like you would shoe strings, and attached them on the sides. This just mixes it up a bit so you don’t have the same type of bow all around. I also experimented with different sizes of bows to fill in the open spots.

I’m very proud of my crafty side that’s coming out here lately! I always wanted to be one of those people who did the homemade gifts and decorations during the holidays. This is a start, anyway!

You could even try this wreath with other themes of ribbon, like for spring or Easter. I want to do one like that in a few months – I’ll probably share with you how it turns out 🙂 (I had a baby, so this didn’t happen either LOL)

Hope you all enjoy! And remember, don’t be afraid to try something new. Even if you’re unsure of how it will turn out, trying is better than wondering what would have happened!

God bless guys!


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