And Just Like That, It’s Over

How was your Christmas holiday? Ours was full, fun, and exhausting!

So. Many. Presents.

It’s crazy how many houses we have to visit during the holidays, and even crazier how much extra stuff we have in our home once it’s all over. Emma hit the jackpot this year on toys! Our apartment can barely contain them all.

But, just like that, its all over. No more houses to visit, presents to unwrap, or sweets to consume until next year. And you know what… I’m down with that. It was all a little overwhelming this year (plus I ate WAY too much, so my skirt buttons could use a break). It was wonderful to see family and friends, don’t get me wrong, but our schedule was busy. Sometimes you just need a little normal.

I’m thankful I decided to take off work for the whole week so that we could all have some R&R together once the festivities were over. My husband is in graduate school, so he is on winter break for a bit longer. Its been a good week thus far, but I think we will all be ready for our routines to kick back in.

Here are some pictures from this past week for your enjoyment, hehe…


This is Emma with her favorite toy she got from us – Max the dog. She LOVES him! And mom and dad are happy about that 😉 She carried him to every house after Christmas morning. Also, we’re not child abusers; she was wearing a skirt because the temp on this day was over 60 degrees! Crazy Kentucky weather.


This is an impromptu photo my cousin took of the three of us at my mother’s house. It turned out to be a great shot to be a last-minute idea!


My beautiful girl ❤ I love her face.


On another note, my car is dead. Yes, you read that right – dead.

Its been giving me trouble this week, and yesterday while we were driving around town it decided to die at a stop-light. We got it towed home, but now we are in the market for a new vehicle. I suppose I should be thankful it lasted by about 7 years, but trust me that was not an uneventful 7 years! That car had MANY problems. It’s such a strange coincidence because we were talking about buying a new car just yesterday morning, so for our car to bite the dust soon after must be a sign! Ha.

Word of advice: Chevy Cobalts – NEVER buy one. If you have one, I’m sorry.

Anyway, we’re hoping to purchase a new car while my husband is still on break so we can get back to two vehicles before we need them. Wish us luck!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and have an awesome New Years! Looking forward to what 2017 holds for the Gipson family. God has blessed us and I know He will continue to!


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