Life Lately

Happy Friday! And hello to you after not posting in about 3 months (!!!)


So, life lately… we bought a house! I know, that’s pretty big news! We had considered buying a house for a while now, wanting to move out of our 2 bedroom apartment into something bigger, that had a yard for our dog and daughter to play in. We signed on the dotted line at the end of March and after some updates, moved in the end of April. We are so happy about our purchase! Our home is 3 bedroom, 1 bath (which is probably the ONLY downside of the move since our apt was 2 bath), and has a nice sized fenced-in backyard. Oh, and came with a pool! Hellloooo summaaa! Things were a little crazy the first week, as with any kind of move. But, we’ve gotten settled in and are enjoying our new crib (ha).


We had to be involved and do some work ourselves! Its no fun sitting on the sidelines of a home renovation. Need to get your hands dirty 😉


The location of the house is nice because its in a quiet neighborhood, but less than 10 minutes from several restaurants and grocery stores. Its also about 15 minutes closer to my job, but unfortunately is 30 minutes further from my husband’s. However, we live close to the interstate and he has a flexible schedule, so its not been too bad.

We had to switch Emma to a new daycare, which I was so nervous about! Change is always hard on a child, especially when its the change of their daily routine. A new house and daycare seemed like so much at one time for her. However, she has adjusted pretty quickly and likes her new friends and teachers. Happy momma for sure!


Another piece of great news, hubby is going on his FINAL year in his PHD program! *cue angels singing*

We are thrilled for him to be wrapping things up this next year and earning his long-awaited degree! Praying for a great job opportunity to open up for after his graduation. We know the Lord is going to continue to take care of us 🙂


Other than the new house, no other big news to report!

I’ve still been cooking and such, but with packing, renovating, and the move I just haven’t put much time into new recipes. Hoping to start back on that soon, but lets be honest, I may just enjoy my new home and pool this summer, hehe.





Part of Emma’s new routine is wanting to get our cornhole boards out pretty much every day after daycare and throw the bags with daddy. Its so sweet!

I hope everyone has a nice, long weekend and enjoy your time with friends and family.

I’ll be back at some point with a new recipe, I’m sure!

Peace out homies.


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